Refresh Your Apartment for Spring: A Seasonal Color Makeover.

A cute apartment makeover for spring - Green Walls

Winter can seem like it goes on forever (especially if you live in the Northern half of the country!). But spring is coming! That means it’s time to shake off those heavy winter coats, blankets and colors for something lighter, brighter and fun. 

Color Combos for a Spring Makeover

Nothing says spring like flowers. Fresh or fake, they add life to a room. They can also serve as the inspiration for a new color pallet. From lilac to yellow to green, here are a few of our favorite color combos:

  • Purples and Greens — When it comes to purples, lavender is one of the softer, more neutral tones that will make other colors, like rich greens, stand out. It will even bring out the deeper colors in darker shades of purple. 
  • Purples and Yellows — Because they are complementary colors, purples and yellows go great together. We suggest going with softer shades of at least one color, unless you really love the Minnesota Vikings! Looking at different bouquets online is a great place to discover which pairings you like best.
  • Pinks and Greens — These colors are go-tos for feminine spaces. Go bold with hot pink and bright green, or choose more muted shades for a mature look. If you’re painting with pink, be sure to paint a test patch so you can be sure it doesn’t look like bubblegum.
  • Yellows and Oranges — Everyone knows that yellow is a bright cheerful color. When paired with orange paint  it will definitely remind you of the sun. Adding gold can create a warm feeling, while a cool green/blue will help bring tranquility to the room.
  • Pastels — Although pastels might seem like more girly colors, they can actually serve as a neutral color if you choose a muted shade. Bright tones like green, orange and yellow are also great. 
  • Whites and off-whites — A nice eggshell or hazelnut colored paint can make a room feel warmer and brighter at the same time. The white undertones will bounce light off the walls, while the brown will bring warmth. Another route is to choose a cream color. Neither of these will ever go out of style and won’t clash with any furniture or decor, which makes them one of the perfect pairing colors


Now Make Your Spring Apartment Makeover Sing

Now that you know a little about which color combos will work well together, it’s time to decide how to use them in your space. We know how overwhelming decorating/redecorating can be, so we’ve come up with a few ideas. 

Flower, flowers, flowers

You absolutely cannot go wrong with accessorizing with a ton of flowers. If spring is a little slow to start in your neck of the woods, there are so many places to buy fake flowers. Craft stores have a huge selection, and most are sold as singles, which means you can mix-and-match to create your perfect bouquet. And while we love using flowers as a pop of color, white bouquets are timeless, and if fake, can be used any time of the year. 

Pillows, blankets and rugs — oh my!

You can never have too many throw pillows or blankets. Canary yellows and emerald greens are fantastic pops of color in smaller accessories, which deeper, muted tones work wonderful for larger rugs and make a big statement. A bright white rug (if you dare!) will also make a big impact when set against bolder colors.

Window treatment revamp

Curtains made out of lighter fabrics tend to let more light into the room. That might seem obvious, but how often do you switch yours out? Choosing a light flowing fabric, even in a darker color, will make a huge difference not only in terms of light, but also the atmosphere of the room. It’s also a very inexpensive update to make. 

Airy Spring Room with Lightweight Curtains

Artsy flare

If you’re interested in something a little more permanent but aren’t ready or can’t paint your walls then a new painting or sculpture is the way to go. They can be bold or subtle, and will always be a great conversation piece. 

Paint the walls

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to make a room feel more springy is to paint the walls! We recommend a softer shade if you’re going to commit to painting the entire room because it will allow the light to bounce more. But, if you’re looking to make a statement or trick yourself into thinking your tiny studio is actually a luxurious suite, then choosing a rich tone for an accent wall is the way to go. 

Have more ways to shake off the winter blues and bright up for spring? Share them with us here!

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