TempErase: Peel-and-Stick Dry-Erase (in a roll)

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Size:2' x 32' - Glass/smooth surface only


TempErase is a temporary, self-adhesive peel-and-stick vinyl product. Its patent-pending design will give you a temporary dry-erase board! It comes in a roll of varying sizes.

TemErase takes all the hassle out of paintingORhanging a dry-erase board! No expensive dry-erase paint, hammers, nails, screws or other hardware needed. All you have to do is P-S-T; PEEL the backing paper away as you STICK it to your wall, and then TRIM around the edges! Be sure to watch the tutorial videos on our website for tips and tricks (like overlapping instead of butting).

TemErase is repositionable during installation. It is designed to work on zero-texture to lightly textured walls (such as knock-down or orange-peel texture)except for our "cling" which is designed only for desktops or glossy-smooth surfaces like fridges or windows.It will stay put for up to 5 years and will leave little to no adhesive behind upon careful removal and will not damage your walls. Visit the FAQ page on our website for more information regarding specific applications.


Be sure to wipe down your wall or surface to remove dust and grime prior to application!Apply to glossy-painted surfaces for best results. Weak/Matte paint or rough surfaces may peel or break away upon removal of TempErase. You may experience a vinyl smell (like new linoleum) which should dissipate within a day.

Is cleaning my whiteboard really necessary? How often should I clean it?Yes! Cleaning your whiteboard is critical to its performance. Cleaning a whiteboard removes chemical build-up associated with repeated use of dry erase markers. We recommend once per week. Remember that it is very important to thoroughly erase a board BEFORE using Expo Cleaners.

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