Ear Love: Mask Adjuster (Random Color)

$29.99 $34.99

Standard masks fit everyone differently. Mask discomfort leads to low compliance and may cause skin trauma.

Use EarLove’s recyclable Mask Adjuster for better fit, comfort, and long-term compliance. Made from polypropylene material, it can be re-sterilized via heat, standard disinfectant cleaners, or UV light.

While easy for one-time use, this robust yet flexible adjuster can be bent and trimmed to best fit for long-term, repeat use.

Product is bulk packaged, not individually packaged.

  • Package will contain 50 pcs of the same color, chosen at random from the four colors shown.
  • Comfortable and conformable
  • Recyclable Polypropylene, Easily Sterilized
  • Great for long-term use

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