Where We Started

Our story begins in 2008, when going through school, we saw the need for a quick way to help dorm residents turn these and similar spaces into something that felt like home. In addition to painting being off-limits, it was was messy, time consuming, and often times, expensive. TemPAINT solved that problem with an easily removable paint alternative that was drastically less expensive, looked great, and only required a quarter of the time.

The TemPaint team posing in front of the TemPaint booth at convention.

Where We're Headed

Some of our earliest customers were young college students and first time apartment dwellers, but TemPaint has since become an easy solution for DIY home decorators, interior designers, and users who liked the idea of being able to easily change the feel of a room in just minutes. TemPaint is now sold in all fifty states and we’re happy to say it has helped thousands and thousands of customers get the look they love, at a fraction of the cost and none of the mess.