New Year, New Look: Get Started with These Decorating Hacks

White Living Room with Marianas Navy TemPaint Walls - New Year New Look Blog Post

Every year on January 1 people set goals and resolutions that they inevitably give up on within a few weeks. Don’t be that person this year! Right now is the perfect time to reevaluate your space and finally get some of those DIY projects done. Start 2018 on the right foot with some easy home/life hacks.


Clean up

First things first: it’s time to clean. Taking down holiday decorations is not only sad, it’s also messy. The stray pine needles and glitter from holiday cards can be enough to have you considering leaving everything up until July. Luckily Play-Doh makes cleaning up those tiny specks a breeze. You can easily remove any stains from holiday parties too. Lipstick comes off with a nail-polish remover and detergent rinse, and juice stains come out easily with 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap mixed in a cup of warm water. If you moved any furniture, you can get indents out of your carpet quickly with ice cubes.


If your kids are still on holiday break, keep them from messing up your fresh, clean space by setting them up with a simple craft. Just grab a light bulb and some sharpies and have them draw a fun design on a few. When you plug them in, the shadow will project onto the wall. Better yet, get them to clean their own rooms by making a game out of it. You can find a ton online, but the color game is one of our favorites. Just pick a color and have your kids round up all their toys in that color and put them in a pile.  

Kids Colors Balls of Play Dough


Get organized

Almost every New Year’s Resolution article you read claims that that getting your life in order means you’ll be happier, lose 10 pounds in a month and finally get that promotion. While we can’t guarantee any of that, there are a few super simple things you can do to try that might actually help.


Start with something simple like a calendar or daily to-do list. You’ll feel super accomplished crossing thing out, and if you use a dry erase board and some bright markers you can add your own creative flair.TemPaint Whiteboard on Refridgerator


Once you’ve got your schedule together, focus on getting your space in order. Pretty up an exposed closet by adding colored tape to the hangers (this is great for dorm rooms!). An old wine rack is a great way to keep your bathroom neat and tidy since it’s perfect for keeping towels organized. Hanging shoe racks can instantly become cleaning supply organizers, and a magnet strip on the bottom of cupboards makes finding the cinnamon or nutmeg a snap.


Rethink your space

Now that you’ve cleaned and organized your house, it’s time to think about what you can do to make it even more better.


An accent wall is a great way to breath new life into a room. Luckily, TemPaint makes it quick and easy to finally follow through and update your walls. Plus it is much less expensive than painting, which means you don’t have to break your resolution to be fiscally responsible this year. If you’re in a dorm or small apartment consider adding a color to half the walls — it will create the illusion of higher ceilings. Not sure what colors would work well? Test out different options by uploading a picture of your room to this site or you can simply click here.

Bedroom Makeover with Shale Green TemPaint

Updating your space doesn’t have to be a big project. It’s all about the accessories. It can be as simple as getting new accent pillows and picture frames. A funky new light fixture or sleek cabinet hardware can make a big difference too. You can update old dressers by adding a new liner (or TemPaint) to the inside or sides of the drawers, and it’s a lot less work than painting them. Adding a strip of color to the side of a door is another subtle way to bring more color into your home. Bright reds and blues are great for kids rooms, while Shale Green or Countryside Purple are subtle ways to update an adult space. If you’re up for it, rearranging the furniture can also help beat the post-holiday blues.


2018 should be all about making your life easier, so don’t stress over changing everything. Home projects can be costly, why not check what offers? Pick something small each day and tackle that before moving on to big projects. Before you know it, it’ll be time to decorate for the holidays again!

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