Transform Your Home for the Holidays: An Easy Way to Take Decorating to the Next Level.

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays with TemPaint - Christmas Tree in Front of a Wall Featuring London Fog Color Tempaint

With a month or less until Christmas, we’re sure you’ve taken down your fall decorations, and are busy doing what everyone else is doing to get ready for the holidays: Putting up a tree, hanging strings of twinkling lights, and/or otherwise decking the halls. But why do what everyone else does? Why just decorate your space when you can transform it?

There is a simple, and easy, way to take your home to the next level for the holidays: Temporarily change the color of your room with a peel-and-stick product like TemPAINT, which will put a splash of festive color on your walls, without the hassle or long term commitment of paint.

How it works

TemPAINT was designed a decade ago as a removable alternative to traditional paint by a college student who wanted a quick way to help fellow dorm residents turn their cold, unfamiliar spaces into something that felt like home.

Painting was off-limits, besides it was messy, time consuming, and often times, expensive. Those same problems make painting just for the holidays incredibly impractical too, but that’s where TemPAINT comes in: It looks great, takes a fraction of the time to put up, and couldn’t be easier to use. Just clean your surface, measure, apply, and smooth. And because TemPAINT is completely dry, you don’t have to worry about covering your floors, taping, costly supplies, or damage to furniture and clothing.

Picking the Perfect Holiday Color

It’s hard to imagine a time when red and green weren’t synonymous with Christmas. And for good reason. The colors have been associated with this time of year since the Romans.

Sprigs of holly, with its bright red berries and deep green leaves, were used during winter solstice celebrations in antiquity. Later holly was associated with Jesus’ crown of thorns, and the berries came to represent the blood spilled when he died on the cross. Red apples, representing the fall of Adam, were also placed on “paradise trees” in early religious pageants, and of course, red is the color of Bishops robes, which St. Nicholas (aka Santa Claus!) would have worn.

Red and green, however, weren’t always the dominant holiday colors. The Victorians, for example, used several different color palettes (red and blue, blue and green, blue and white, etc.) but that stopped after 1931. Why then? That’s when Coca-Cola commissioned an artist to create the Jolly old Santa Claus, in bright red robes surrounded by green fir trees, etc. we still think of today.

Coca-Cola Jolly Santa Clause

Despite all that, red and green don’t have to be your go-to colors now. White and silver are also popular colors at Christmas — often thought to be inspired by the Star of Bethlehem — and can make for a more elegant approach to decorating. They can also make it easy to seamlessly transition from Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

Whatever you choose TemPAINT has shades that will bring some serious pop to your holiday decorations:

Frosted Green:

Green isn’t commonly used on accent walls, or in living spaces, but as a temporary change can bring a fresh feeling to your home — almost like you brought some of the outdoors inside with you. And TemPAINT’s green isn’t your usual green.

Inspired by dew covered grass at first light, this light green color adds a playful, fun feel, to any space any time of year. During the holidays, a splash of this shade behind your tree will help it stand out, and will enhance the appearance of wreaths or other wall hangings.

Milano Red

TemPAINT’s red is a rich, sophisticated shade that is inspired by Italy’s beautiful frescos and architecture, and that won’t look like you’ve put it up just for the holiday. Even if that’s exactly what you did. Instead, covering an accent wall with Milano red, will draw the eye, compliment most holiday decorations, and bring warmth to your space, which is always a good thing this time of year.

Milano Red Holiday TemPaint - Milano Red on Wall with Fireplace and TV

Oh, and red is known to increase metabolism — that’ll come in handy after a huge holiday meal, or all those cups of eggnog — and is associated with love, something we could all use more of, especially this time of year.

London Fog

Inspired by London’s cloudy skies, putting this new addition to TemPAINT’s selection of colors on your wall is like bringing a piece of the winter sky into your home. It is a light, neutral backdrop for white Christmas lights, or for the kind of classy, sparkling decorations people bring out at New Years.

It’s versatility also makes it the kind of color you might just decide to keep on your wall year round though I’m not so sure if its suitable for a tire paint marker.

After the Holidays

When the holidays are over, removing TemPAINT is as easy a peeling up the corner, then slowly pulling it down and away from the wall. It will only take a few minutes and cost next to nothing for it to instantly go back to the way things were. Or, maybe you like your new wall(s)? Don’t worry. TemPAINT won’t peel away by itself. If properly installed, TemPAINT should remain up for about 4 years, which is also about how long it’ll be ’til you finally get around to taking down those Christmas lights you just put up.

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