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How Does TemPAINT work?

TemPAINT is a removable peel-and-stick alternative to traditional paint. Our product is shipped by the roll, allowing for easy unpacking and application. Simply clean your surface, measure, apply, and smooth. Because TemPAINT is completely dry, you don’t have to worry about covering your floors, taping, costly supplies, or damage to furniture and clothing. Have more questions? See our FAQ’s below and contact us with additional questions.

Designed as Temporary Paint for renters, properly installed TemPaint will last a typical 1-2 year lease.

If properly installed on a clean, glossy-painted surface, TemPaint will remain 5+ years.  Although, most people like trying out our different colors long before then.

1. Measure the height of your wall and the length of your wall (in feet), rounding up to the next nearest 6 inches (example Height: 8′ 4″ = 8.5 feet; example Length: 9′ 9″ = 10 feet).

2. Multiply the height by the length (example: 8.5 x 10 = 85)

3. Here is the final trick: Divide your number by 60 (a number we at TemPaint have derived) and round up to next whole number (example 85 / 60 = 1.4; so “2”)

4. This is the number of rolls we recommend you use (example: 2)

Note: often, if your wall has a large window or a door, you can often get away with rounding “down” if your final number is close to the lower number (for example: 1.2 = 1 roll or 4.3 = 4 rolls).

Yes most all paints (except watercolor) should adhere well to TemPaint and absolutely NOT soak through. Keep in mind that the added weight of paint can make permanent adhesion (of TemPaint to the wall) a bit more difficult. For this reason, customers have reported using thumb tacks along the top to ensure their new mural doesn’t come crashing down!

TemPaint can be used on glass and mirrors (and most any surface). Upon removal, however, be careful to not pull “out” from the glass/mirror as adhesion to mirrors and glass is very strong for this product. Instead, peel away closely parallel to the mirror, similar to how you may peel away a tab or sticker. Additionally, you may find the need to clean the mirror afterward to remove any remaining adhesive.

TemPaint will certainly cover unsightly wood paneling, but we cannot guarantee its clean removal. Please apply at your own risk.

If you do want to go ahead with installation, be sure to wipe down the walls before applying as wood paneling often collects dust/grime easily without showing. Removal will also likely require cleaning the walls with a cleaner as we find small amounts of adhesive residue will often remain on wood paneling.

As long as you do not push TemPaint INTO the grooves, nor crease it along the edge, it should conceal the groove in tongue-and-groove paneling.

We have done some tests and recommend every color except our Venetian Brick. Some of the wood texture may show through this color. In the future, we plan to have these provide complete cover up as well.

And don’t forget: Send us before and after photos! Other customers would love to see them.

TemPaint is specially formulated for easy application and easy removal. When you want to remove it, it is as easy a peeling up the corner and slowly pulling it down and away from the wall. However, TemPaint should not peel away by itself. If properly installed, TemPaint will remain on the wall ~4+ years.

Proper installation includes wiping down the wall with a dry or mildly damp rag (to remove dust) and slowly installing the product to reduce air bubbles. You can install it on most walls but adhesion is dependent on surface texture and substance (glossy with no texture is best, matte with significant texture is worst).

We periodically introduce additional colors. We are constantly researching trending colors and hope to continue to bring new colors once or twice a year. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

We periodically introduce additional colors. We are constantly researching trending colors and hope to continue to bring new colors once or twice a year. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

It really depends on the wallpaper underneath. As a rule, we always advise against it; however, many customers report success in doing this very thing. We believe that if the wallpaper is vinyl, plastic, or gloss finish, it will not be a problem. As you can probably imagine, if the wallpaper is some type of paper or material, the peel-and-stick type adhesive on our product can often set or bind with the paper, which could possible tear upon removal.

Our recommendation is to get our sample pack and apply it to a small corner (or out-of-the-way) location. Press it firmly against the wallpaper and let it sit for about a week. After that time, remove it to see what kind of damage (or, hopefully lack thereof) has occurred. That should be a sufficient test to see if our product works in your application.

In addition to being available through our online store Currently, TemPaint is available at selected Home Depot and True Value locations, nation-wide.

As long as TemPaint is installed when the environment is not wet, it can be used very effectively in wet environments. Some customers report using it near showers or as backsplash behind utility sinks. You can even wash TemPaint with a damp rag!

Please refer to the tutorial page for best use-case instructions. While it is not necessary, some customers report wiping down walls with a damp rag and allowing it to dry. This would help in situations where dust may have accumulated on the walls.

Absolutely! Some customers have reported using it on ceilings and furniture. Just be aware that it was specially formulated for glossy-painted walls. Upon removal from other surfaces, you may find residual adhesive. This can be removed with rubbing alcohol on a damp rag.

Good question. And by that, we mean “complex.” For TemPaint to adhere properly to the wall, over 50-75% of it must be in contact with the wall. Therefore, a subtle texture is best (other than a flat surface). TemPaint is thick enough to be easy to work with and therefore not thin enough to fit into every texture crevice or shape. We hope to have videos/pictures coming soon to help with this.

It will be absolutely fine in shipping. When you receive it, let it sit and warm to room temperature (overnight) before applying it. This will ensure it isn’t too stiff and that the TemPaint adheres well to the surface!

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