6 Quick Ways to Redecorate Your Place for Fall

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The first day of fall is only a week away, but already it’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school, take down the hammock, and pack up the patio furniture. Hopefully after one last BBQ. Of course, that means it’s also time to get your place ready for fall, which is why we’ve assembled a list of seasonal decorating ideas that’ll do just that… all without busting your back-to-school/BBQ budget.


Candles: Make your home smell like fall

Our sense of smell affects the part of the brain associated emotional memory, which means that the right candle can transport you back to the 1st day of school, an afternoon jumping into freshly raked leaves, or thanksgiving at your parents house. Plus they’re inexpensive, and they instantly make any room feel warmer. So when the weather gets cooler, try something with hints of vanilla, spicy cardamom, birch, orange and clove, or any number of other seasonally appropriate options, and you’re halfway done redecorating.


Throws: Instantly Get Comfy

Throw Rugs & Pillows Design for FallAn effortless way to get ready for the season is to get out whatever blankets and pillows you haven’t been using, and simply spread ’em on your furniture. Or get creative, by folding and stacking them on a bench or shelf, or arranging them in a basket by your couch or the fireplace. And don’t worry about color, or texture: from patterns to bright red, or from thick wool to faux fur, the bolder the better.


Layers: They’re not just for clothes

Thinking of taking down your light summer curtains? Don’t. Instead buy brackets that can accommodate two rods per window, and layer heavier fall/winter draperies over the lighter ones behind. Layering  also works on the floor, where you can use multiple rugs, in materials ranging from neutral to highly textured, to create a focal point in an entryway, at the foot of your bed, or anywhere else you want to draw the eye.  


Color: Put some fall on your wall

One of the things that sets fall apart is color, but don’t leave the fiery oranges and reds, rich yellows, and deep purples you’re starting to see on trees at your your doorstep: Bring it inside by changing the color of your walls.

Fall Decorating - Countryside Purple
Countryside Purple TemPaint

Orange and red, are powerful colors, and are perfect for an accent wall, or a small space. Purples, plums, and eggplants, can make bright, larger spaces feel homey; and serve as an excellent backdrop for art or wall hangings. And yellows can chase away the gloom that often accompanies fall (use them in breakfast nooks, or anywhere you spend time during the day to add a touch of sunshine), as well as draw attention to any space in your home.


Best of all, depending on which color you choose, you don’t even need to go through the hassle of painting, or putting up wallpaper. You can simply use a temporary peel-and-stick product like TemPAINT instead.


Coverings: Add texture to your furniture

There are basically two broad categories when it comes to decorating: autumn/winter (earth and jewel tones, solid patterns, sturdy fabrics) and spring/summer (light pastels, floral prints, delicate fabrics). Obviously, you can’t buy two sets of furniture, but you can use slipcovers to change your couches, chairs, etc. with the seasons. This time of year, you want to cover your furniture in rich tones, and warm, comforting fabrics that invite people to sit down and touch them.


Trimmings: It’s time to accessorize

Obviously you don’t want it to look like Thanksgiving exploded all over your home or apartment, but some seasonal decorations are an easy way to make your home more inviting. If your costs are a bit high check out where to get a guaranteed loan. Logs by the fireplace, a wreath on the door, or a basket full of pumpkins on the table — these are just a few of the countless ways you can use harvest or rustic touches to get ready for fall.

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