Designing Small Spaces with Big Color

Adding Big Color to Small Space | TemPAINT

How to Get Most Out of Small Spaces

There’s no doubt that getting the look you want in small spaces can present a unique challenge for dorm room residents, renters, and homeowners alike. Whether it’s that tiny bathroom apartment or a cozy kitchen you’re trying to get the more breathing room out of, limited spaces can make daily life feel cramped. We want to try to help you open these spaces up so that they become something that feels more like home.

The good news is that these small spaces also give you a kind of laboratory – a set you can use to experiment with different colors, textures and patterns. No matter what the small space is used for, you can give it a whole new look without the time, hassle or expense of painting the entire room. Often times, simply adding color to a single wall with TemPAINT can have a dramatic creative effect if you want help regarding interior design interior design boulder are the one’s for you .Getting Big Color out of Small Spaces

If you have small dark spaces in your home, you can make them lighter, airier and more inviting while still maintaining a unique character  with colors like our “Stardust Purple” . You do not have to repaint the whole wall or even remove the old paint, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the underlying wood or drywall. Instead of repainting the entire space, you can experiment with various accent colors until you find just the right look.

The products available through TemPAINT give both homeowners and renters a unique way to spruce up those small spaces and make the most of the room they have available. Instead of stripping the old paint with harsh chemicals and sanding the underlying surface, you can simply apply a bright new color to a small section of the room – giving it a whole new look in the process.

You can also experiment with various colors and patterns without worrying about damaging the underlying walls. If you do not like the existing color, TemPAINT is easy to remove. Simply remove it and start over with something more appropriate. And since the application is far less labor intensive and time consuming than traditional paint, you can experiment to your heart’s content and still have plenty of time to enjoy the results.

Using accent colors instead of painting the whole room is a great way to add beauty and drama to all the small spaces in your home. Whether it is that narrow dark hallway you have always hated or the tiny guest bathroom that has always embarrassed you, simply adding a splash of color to part of one wall can make a world of difference.

Even if you think that the entire room needs painting, it’s generally a good idea to start by testing a single wall. Adding a new color to one wall at a time gives you a chance to test out the new look without committing a lot of time and money. If you like the new look, you can continue by applying more TemPAINT to the remaining painted surfaces. If not, you can simply remove it and start over with another accent color.

The great thing about working with small spaces is that it gives you so much freedom and flexibility. Like if you want to turn it into a family casino or better yet play online here . You can also install solar panels for your small space.

You can create a uniform look with the same hue on all four walls, or you can get a little funky with stylish patterns and different textures. Before deciding, you can also use accent colours to set off those small spaces – painting the trim a bright white and the surrounding walls a bright shade of blue. You can even paint the top of the wall one color and use a contrasting shade for the bottom. The choice is yours, and in the end you will have a small space that looks like a million bucks.

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