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Orange is bold and bright. It’s a backdrop for beautiful sunsets and one of the signs that fall has truly arrived. But when it comes to decorating with orange, there’s a good chance it’s been used in some extremely cheesy and outdated way (thanks Halloween and the ‘70s). But orange doesn’t have to just be for pumpkins and leaves, there are tons of creative — and sophisticated — ways to use orange in your home all year.

First, decide on a shade. Think about what you’re going to be doing in the room. Is it a busy space or somewhere to relax? Generally speaking orange is a high energy color, so it’s great to use in places that you expect lots of activity, like the kitchen or out on the patio. Muted tones of orange are better if you’re trying to create a relaxed environment for a bedroom or another small room that you want to feel warm and cozy.

Frank Sinatra Quote - Orange is the Happiest Color

When choosing a shade, it’s also important to think about what type of energy you want the room to have. Is it a fun, cheerful space, or does it need to be more neutral and relaxing. Oranges that have some yellow and brown in them tend to have a more calming effect than a tangerine. (Thankfully ,this also helps keep you away from any color that screams “Halloween!”)

Second, decide how to use the color. Is it the focus of the room or an accent color? Do you want to use it in the furniture? On the walls? Whatever you decide, we have some tips for you:

Adding Orange to Your Furniture

If you’re nervous about putting orange on your walls, try starting with some accents around the room. Throw pillows and blankets are small and inexpensive ways to add some color. If you’re feeling bolder, try it in a chair or couch. It’s important to remember which colors will pair well with orange before you invest in anything pricy. All shades of blue complement orange, and gray or white will help the color remain a little more neutral.

Decorating with Orange On the Walls

Make a bold statement with a muted orange on one wall. Believe it or not, painting an entire wall a deep orange is actually less jarring to the eye than when it’s used as a pop of color in accessories. TemPaint’s, Santa Fe Twilight offers a softer, almost tangerine shade that blends perfectly with crisp white, or even stainless steel.  Muted tones, like pumpkin, tend to be more neutral as well and work great with tans and browns. Traditional paneling can be updated with a coat of warm orange paint that helps make the room feel cozy.

A bedroom wall decorated with TemPaint's Santa Fe Twilight Color
A bedroom wall decorated with TemPaint’s Santa Fe Twilight Color

Decorating with Orange In the Kitchen

Did you know that orange is supposed to stimulate appetite? That makes it perfect for the kitchen. The backsplash is a great place to try it if you’re not 100% sure how you feel about the color. Cabinets or a kitchen island are also places that you can sneak orange in without it getting too overpowering. For those who really love the color, a bright orange, like TemPaint’s Santa Fe Twilight, pairs perfectly with dark wood and looks great on walls.

Decorating with Orange In the Bedroom

Although orange is known to add energy to a room’s design, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it out of the bedroom altogether. Combining orange accents in paintings or pillows with blues or creams can create a relaxing environment in the evening, while also providing just the right amount of pep to get you going in the morning. Another quick way to change things up is with curtains. Deep orange will make the room feel warmer and more inviting.

Take it outdoors

Whether it is bright or muted, orange goes perfect the the outdoors. Create an anchor in your patio space with a large orange rug and pair it with pillows in the same shade. Choosing an earthy tone will tie in nicely with dark furniture, as well as the natural elements in your yard.

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