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If you love the idea of decorating with black but aren’t sure how exactly to use it, you’re not alone. Most DIY decorators have thought about giving it a go, but as soon as visions of Wednesday Adams start dancing through their head, it can quickly feel overwhelming to not make it feel …. overwhelming. And black can be dark and penetrating.  When used correctly however, it can also be sophisticated, chic, luxurious, and most of all, modern.

Black goes with everything and makes a bold statement, so it’s easy to see why it is a go-to for designers. To avoid designing a room that feels overwhelming or even one that just looks like every other magazine, we’re here with a couple of tips.

Decorating with Black Walls

Black walls might seem like a crazy idea that would make a room feel small and depressing, but there are lots of creative things you can do. Chalkboard walls create a farmhouse chic look that’s all the rage right now and can be especially fun in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. One wall (or section of the wall) is usually enough, but depending what room you choose and how creative you are, painting the whole room with chalk paint will allow you to create a different vibe whenever you want.

Going for a more glamorous feel? Decorating with black and offer a little more excitement, as well. Be adventurous and paint all the bathroom walls black (Something like Tempaint’s Pitch Black makes this way easier!). Gold accent colors will help create a glamorous art deco design and you’ll feel like a million bucks whenever you step in.

Another bonus for painting small rooms black? They feel bigger because there aren’t any lines breaking up the space.

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Black Furniture and Accessories

Since black never goes out of style, investing in black furniture means you’ll get more bang for your buck. The best part is that you can move pieces from room to room, and it will go with every color scheme. This is great if you’re starting to invest in furniture that’s a bit more expensive, but you aren’t quite settled enough to know that you’ll be in the same apartment for more than a year. (Just be sure you can fit the couch through the door before you buy!)

Black iron railings are another fun way to incorporate the color into a modern room, and black curtains can trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher. If you have a fireplace, a black mantel will create a focal point in a neutral room. A black coffee table will also help anchor a room.

The kitchen is another room that always looks good in black. Almost any appliance you could want/need comes in black, so you can either choose to go with a seamless look by painting the cabinets black, or intensify the contrast by going with pure white.

Working with Black Floors

Try something different and add black to the floors or ceilings of a room. Alternatively, see how counter-balancing black with bright white cabinets, ceilings and fixtures makes your room feel. Floors are the perfect spots to play with fun black patterns and make the room feel more grounded. Pinterest is a great place to look for fun and interesting patterns you can try with black tiles, floor paint and even wood treated with black stain.

Using Black Outside

Looking at selling your house soon? Decorating with black is a great way to improve your curb appeal and ad a sense of luxury. New black garage doors paired with black lighting will draw potential buyer’s eyes to your home. Black metalwork can make a deck or patio feel more modern and fresh. If you have any brick, consider painting it black for an ultra modern feel.

No matter how you use black, it will be timeless and easily sets the foundation for any room.

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