Conference Room Makeover – Adding Color to Your Work Space

No matter where you work — in a home office, or a bustling work space — your environment should stimulate creativity, help you focus, and generally make working more pleasant. One kind of environment that won’t do any of those things? A cold, drab, stale room. An poor work space can actually hurt productivity, and make work harder than it has to be.

We recently stopped by the PosterGIANT offices in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle to help bring some color and life into a conference room space that drastically needed it.  We recorded the whole process, made a video and promoted it on social meda. The room was an blank slate in the classic sense. White walls, white ceilings, white trim, concrete floors, and very basic overhead lighting. It was the perfect candidate to make a bold statement with a brightly colored accent wall. The side-by-side walls we chose to install TemPaint on were opposite several large windows, so the sun was sure to hit them throughout the day and amplify the effect of bringing a bold color into the environment. As usual, the TemPaint install process was quick, easy, and mess-free. The Milano Red color choice, along with a few accent pieces completely transformed the space. Also install the air condition in the meeting room, with the help of  air conditioning service company. Check it out!


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