Green Gray Peel and Stick TemPaint (Shale Green)

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Shale Green TemPaint is the perfect solution for renters, dorm residents, and homeowners searching for temporary or removable green gray wall coverings that won’t damage existing surfaces. TemPaint is applied in strips like peel and stick wallpaper, but is formulated to look and feel just like traditional green gray paint. 


  • Easy to apply: Just Measure, Cut, and Stick.
  • Formulated to Look & Feel Like Real Green-Gray Paint
  • Little or No Visibility of Seams Between Panels
  • No Need for Expensive Pans, Brushes, Tarps, and Tape
  • Non-Permanent - Just Peel Away from Wall to Remove
            • 64 sq. ft. (23.6" x 32.8') Roll

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            Shale Green TemPaint is a removable peel-and-stick wall covering that can be used as a replacement for green gray paint or solid-colored green gray wallpaper by those searching for a quick and easy home improvement solution, at a fraction of the cost. TemPaint comes in an easy-to-handle 64 sq. ft. (23.6" x 32.8') roll.

            Inspired by the naturally green tinted shale sediment common among forestland outcropping and rivers, this color has an organic feel that adds character to any home or work environment.

            Shale Green TemPaint works equally well as an accent wall covering or border for your kitchen, living room, dining room, restroom, or bedroom space, including inside cupboards, drawers, and cabinets as a self-adhesive contact paper or shelf liner. This gray green color looks great in spaces that require a natural feeling pop of color.

            TemPaint will look beautiful through years of use (just like paint or wallpaper) as a permanent wall covering, but it's designed to peel away, as needed. This makes it an inexpensive and easy solution for redecorating your entire home, dorm room, or apartment, where permanent paint or wallpaper are not allowed.


              • Be sure to wipe down your wall to remove dust and grime prior to application!

              • Apply to glossy-painted surfaces for best results. Weak/Matte paint or rough surfaces may peel or break away upon removal of TemPaint.

              • Do not apply near high-heat locations (e.g. backsplash behind a stove) as the material may warp, bubble, and peel.

              • You may experience a vinyl smell (like new linoleum) which should dissipate within a day.

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