How to Quickly Deal with a Broken Down Bathroom

How to Quickly Deal with a Rundown Bathroom

Unsightly or just plain boring bathrooms have been the bane of my renting existence, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s easy to take one look at a bathroom that’s cramping your style and feel like giving up at the thought of dealing with the hassle that can be a part of bathroom renovations, but sprucing up a down and out bathroom doesn’t need to be difficult or cost a fortune. To maintain your bathroom clean we have the best cleaning service. With these renter-friendly bathroom remodeling tips you can give your least favorite room a quick facelift, and turn it into a space you’ll love in no time.

But first, the dirty work.

Before getting started, you’ll need a clean and dry slate. No cutting corners here! Because of the amount of moisture in bathrooms, you’ll need to have a keen eye and arm yourself with plenty of environmentally friendly cleaners to get rid of hidden mold, dust, and grime. Give your bathroom plenty of time to dry before you start, especially when it comes to peel and stick products.

Bathroom Floor Quick Fixes

Simple Bathroom Flooring Options
Temporary Wood Floor Tiles by Eco Woods California

If your bathroom has an ugly floor, there are a few ways you can fix (or at least hide!) the problem. You can aim for simplicity and cover the entire floor with several bathroom rugs, or opt for temporary tiles. Temporary floor tiles come in an endless variety of textures and patterns. Check out these floor tiles from Mirth Studios, which range from vibrant and playful to serene wood textures. If you want to get a spa look and feel, Eco Woods has developed some fantastic wood panels that beautifully cover any hard floor, indoor or outdoor.

Jazz Up Those Boring Walls

Plain walls may seem pretty easy to fix, but what about those tiles? Thankfully, temporary decorating has never been easier. Use subtle shades like Seattle Blue or Shale Green temporary paint for bathroom walls to create a zen-like space, or go for brighter shades like Willow Green or Countryside Purple to add energy and flair to an otherwise tired room. Spruce up boring tiles with Tile Tattoos or vinyl stickers, and if you have a window in your bathroom, add a decorative window film so you can enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Find Creative Storage SolutionsPerking up Bathroom Walls with Baskets

Bathrooms don’t often have a lot of storage space, but there are plenty of ways to add clever, stylish storage right where you need it most. Since adding furniture to an already small space can make it feel more closed in, we recommend adding wall-mounted shelves, hotspring spa, decorative baskets, or rail-mounted caddies and hooks to keep everything nice and organized without losing precious floor space.

Polished Furniture and Accents

Give your bathroom vanity a quick makeover with a contrasting color of peel and stick paint, like Porcelain White or Portland Gray. Add stick-on tiles for a temporary backsplash, like these Smart Tiles, which can be removed with the heat of a hairdryer later (check out their instructions and warnings before use). You can even get a temporary granite look for your bathroom countertop with Instant Granite.

And last but certainly not least, if you have one of those frameless bathroom mirrors that are notoriously common in rentals, that’s super easy to with a temporary frame! Just measure the size carefully, have your hardware store cut some wood trim pieces to size, paint them, then use some Command Adhesive Strips for mounting. No one will ever know you didn’t spend a fortune! Think about it, You only need one big payday to get back on track and complete that DYI project.  You can find a DYI mirror frame tutorial here.


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