6 Ways a Dry Erase Boards Can Help You Get Back to School

young boy at dry erase board in classroom

The weather is cooling down, days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to change, all of which can only mean that Fall is finally here. And that kids are going back to school, where they’ll new books, some school supplies and maybe a backpack to put ‘em into, as well as something you may not have thought of: A dry erase board. Check out our list below of all the ways to use this helpful product in the office, and of course, in the classroom:

Keeping your Family Organized

Setting up a monthly or weekly schedule on a dry erase board in your home is simple way to keep everyone’s schedules on track — when does soccer practice start? Who’s picking up the kids up after school? Just check the board, which is far easier to adjust than a traditional calendar if last minute appointments come up or a practice is canceled.

Sending Messages

If you’re in college or live with roommates dry erase board are an easy way to let people know when you’ll be out of town or have guests over. We suggest setting it up in the kitchen, or another area that everyone frequents. If it’s large enough you can add a space for important things like the wifi password or a grocery list too.

Getting Creative

Putting a dry erase in your kids room is a simple, and risk free, way to let their creativity flow. Buy a bunch of bright, colorful markers and let them go to town. It’s also an easy way to help young children practice learning to write as well.

Some pro tips: If you buy a traditional dry erase board and mount it on the wall be sure to add a frame. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple DIY wood frame or even just tape, just as long as it keeps marker from ending up on the wall. A better alternative might be to turn an entire wall — or even just a section — into a dry erase board with a peel and stick product like TemPaint. These products are easy to put up and, just as importantly, easy to take down when your kids reach their teens and decide they want to redecorate.

Family fun
Don’t forget that you can use dry erase boards for family fun too: They are great for games like hangman or Pictionary because you don’t waste paper, which also means less to clean up. You can also use them as a scoreboard or even project a movie onto them. Don’t have a projector? Don’t worry, you can find out how to make a cheap one here!

Working from Home

Businesses use dry erase boards for presentations, brainstorming, to collaborate on projects, and more. Get yourself a whiteboard and some different colored markers, and you can do the same thing at home. Sketch something you don’t want to lose, or that you’ll need when you go to work the next day? Just take a picture and create a PDF you can save for later, or share with coworkers. You can also use whiteboards to create an inspiring environment, by putting up an inspiring quote or a funny photo (if your whiteboard is magnetic) that will help you put you in a productive frame of mind.

Classroom Dry Erase Board Collaboration

dry erase boards aren’t just useful at home. Nearly every classroom already has one in the front of the room, they’re perfect for lessons, leaving daily messages or jokes, or even spotlighting student accomplishments. Unfortunately their locations means these traditional whiteboards (or chalkboards… do they use those still?) aren’t always great for students working on group projects, for example. The obvious solution to this problem is buy some portable whiteboards to station around the room, or use a peel-and-stick whiteboard that you can simply tear off when the school year ends.

Whether you’re using it in the classroom, home or office, whiteboards are a great way to bring everyone together and keep things organized. Have any other creative ways to use a whiteboard? Share them with us here!

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