A Brand New Look for TemPaint

Kitchen with black color overlay and new TemPaint Logo

At TemPaint we know how important your personal spaces are to you. They do more than shelter you. They define you. Whether your home is a new dorm, your first apartment, or a starter house – it should be a place that both elicits comfort and exudes personality. It should tell visitors a story about you.  And like you, it should continually evolve.


We launched TemPaint only five years ago as a way to help you accomplish just that – to make it easier to “own”  the spaces you inhabit. To make them more distinctly yours, no matter how short term or difficult to decorate. We moved forward under the premise that adding color  to your spaces shouldn’t be expensive or time-consuming. It should be fun, dynamic, and familiar. Most importantly, it  should make you feel at home.

Though we got our start as a small Amazon merchant, we’ve grown significantly. Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve shipped over 100,000 rolls of TemPaint. In that time helping tens of thousands of satisfied users get the look they love at half the cost of traditional paint — often in spaces where they wouldn’t have had another option.

That’s why it means so much to us that today, to announce a whole new look. One that reflects  our own journey. Not a vast departure from the TemPaint you helped us grow; instead an evolution. Something new, that speaks to our mission, our values, our promise…  and the strength of the TemPaint product. A product  that will hopefully come to represent  a fundamentally new and different way to think about the colors of your home, and give you the confidence you need to truly make your home yours.

Wherever life may take you, thank you for welcoming us into your homes. Thank you for choosing TemPaint.

With Deep Gratitude and Pride,

Our Team

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