6 Online Design Tools You Should Try Today

The internet is an excellent resource for… well, for almost anything. But looking for information, or tools, to help you with something like interior design is also an excellent way to frustrate yourself. There’s just too much stuff out there.

That’s why we’ve picked a handful of online design tools that should help you get started, whether you’re shopping for carefully curated accessories; trying to see how products like… oh, TemPAINT for example, will look in your space before you buy them; or rendering a detailed home plan in 3D.

So check out this page on one stop debt sites as well as our list of the best interior design sites below, and we promise your next project will be more stylish for less money, and less work.

Get Started with These Online Design Tools


If you’ve seen one of this site’s YouTube videos, in which B-list stars like Mila Kunis and Kyrie Irving “surprise” their parents with remodeling projects that keep them out if their homes for weeks, then you know Houzz can connect you to over 1.5 million home designers and other experts, and help you shop for more than 8 million curated products, but what really sets it apart is a collection of 14 million photos you can save in an “ideabook” and come back to for inspiration.

Online Design Ideas - Houzz



This simple but powerful tool lets you upload a few pics (clutter and all!), then clears everything out and creates a 3D model of your room to scale, which you can then fill with products from 100s of companies (*cough* TemPAINT). The only downside? It’s the one site we picked that isn’t free.

Online Design Ideas - Modsy



Started as a personal design site, Polyvore may be one of our favorite business. The application allows you to mix and match different materials, style, and textures together in order for you to find the exact look you’re going for. When you’re done almost all of the products available for you to create your room with actually exist in real life, so you can just click on the item and be taken to the site where you can purchase it! If you’re looking for a little outside inspiration, Polyvore has hundreds of thousands of looks put together by other real life users.




Online Design Ideas - Remodelista

Started by a group of friends with similar tastes — minimalist with a mix of high and low, vintage and new —  Remodelista is basically a blog on steroids: Its’ posts often highlight stylish home products (10 industrial wall lights, 5 vintage-inspired French school chairs, etc.), many of which you can purchase on the site, or suggest design ideas you can steal from successful home projects, or even trendy new restaurants. Because why go to New York’s “sexiest bistro” if you can replicate it in your living room?


Planner 5D


Online Remodeling Tools - Planner 5D

This extensive, and free(!), room design tool makes it easy to create renderings from scratch, or by using one of their templates, right down to the smallest detail — you can add windows, doors, even landscaping, or a hot tub, all in impressive 3D graphics.



Online Design Tools - Wayfair

By now you probably can’t get this site’s annoying jingle out of your head, and that — along with the massive advertising budget they put behind it — is one of the reasons Wayfair is the most popular home design site on the internet.  That, and the fact it can save you some serious money on items for every room in the house in a variety of styles. Oh, and not to be outdone by some of the other sites on our list it also has a large collection of photographs meant to inspire, and will let you add the ones you like to an “ideaboard” that you can use to help make design/shopping decision.  

When you’ve got your perfect space all planned out with these online design tools, make sure that you hit our Shop page to pick out the perfect color scheme for your next project. We’d be happy to send along a sample pack, so you can get exactly the look you’re going for. Check https://gokkastentut.nl/



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