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What is TemPaint?

TemPaint is Peel-and-Stick Paint. It is the new, simplistic, modern approach to painting. Specifically designed for college students living in dorms, renters who are unable to paint, as well as people who are looking for a cheaper and faster way to decorate their walls. TemPaint was designed to look just like paint without all the effort and mess that paint can cause.

All you do is Peel, Stick and Trim—three easy steps that give you the professional painting look in no time at all. The most time spent is picking out the color that is right for you!

Getting Started with TemPaint

TemPaint is easy to apply, and adheres to a variety of surfaces. Check out the "How to TemPaint" video on our tutorials page.

Don't forget to download the installation instructions when you are done watching the video.

Looking for ideas of how you can use TemPaint? Head over to the gallery page! If you have already applied TemPaint in your home, office—send us your photos so we can put them in the Customer Image Gallery.

Still have questions? If you don't find the answer on the F.A.Q. you can always contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about TemPaint.

TemPaint is available in these distinctly modern colors.
Buttercream Yellow
Seattle Blue
Porcelain White
Parisian Eggshell
Charcoal Green
Mayan Cocoa
Saharan Camel
Stardust Purple
Countryside Purple
Misty Shale
Monterey Blue
Pensacola Pink
Willow Green
Caribbean Blue

News and Information

Seattle Home Show!
Come visit us at the Seattle Home Show this coming Friday through Sunday (October 23-25). We are in Booth 713 near the concession stand! Parents: we have a kids' area outfitted with our dry-erase on a kids' table and other toys. Visit for tickets and information.
TemPaint Site Redesign
We hope you will spend some time looking through our beautiful new site design. It is now paired with our other product site for our "coming soon" TempErase!